Why start [yet another] blog?

I’m just some 20-something, BS Psychology student currently studying for a midterm exam in two days. Currently sick in bed and trying to get by reviewing-slash-rewriting notes.

Why suddenly sign-up for a wordpress blog?

Well first, I’ve been meaning to do so for quite a while now. I just have no clue what to make my blog about. Others dedicate a blog for specific purposes: food, travel, business, music, etc. which I never got the hang of. You know, sticking to one theme and writing about it.

My mind is always an organized mess–a corner dedicated for a certain topic, but always randomly arranged.

Second, I have always dreamt of being a writer. And I can’t be a writer without writing, right?

Third, I need an electronic space to gather my scattered thoughts and try to make sense of it all. I am sick of playing tug-of-war with my nonexistent organizing skills trying to keep track of all my notebooks, journals, diaries, so I am dumping it all in one site, and just tagging them according to their topic (hopefully I remember to tag this time).

Finally, I need breathing space. Since we live in a world where asking your friends a question will get you a “Google it” reply, because humans are too lazy to listen and Siri is the only one you can talk to and will try to make sense of what you are saying when she doesn’t understand, I often find myself disappointed and unheard.

Having a small voice in a noisy world is exhausting when all you want is to be heard.

And since my wrists will probably give up on me if I pen-and-paper journalled, I settled for typing.

This blog is my breathing space, and hopefully, someday, someone out there will listen.


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