The road so far…

*Cue in a bad-ass background music*

Tomorrow is the last day of summer class. I have been busy the past two weeks, running on red bulls and coffee, and three hours of sleep per day. I had a quiz this Monday, a title defense for my research this Tuesday, a seminar this Wednesday, and a mock interview today. Add the fact that I had two global interpretations and a psychological report to write, due today.

But hey I’m okay!

I got the highest score, I defended my title like a warrior I am not, we successfully finished the seminar yesterday, I think my mock interview went well, my professor even told me I looked great in my corporate attire, and I am just passing the time since I just finished my papers five minutes ago.

Summer season is almost over too. Outside, it is raining. Or is it a storm already? Good thing I borrowed an umbrella, but I might have to buy one for the way home later.

I also went through stressful times. I had this groupmate for the seminar who suddenly snapped when I relayed the details of the meetings to her. She said she felt belittled that no one bothered to call her when there was a group meeting for the seminar. I told her, I do not have her number.

I also got sick for three days. But I managed to go to school despite all that.

I am currently running on fumes but the end of the road is at sight. I can rest tomorrow night.

But for now, I gotta run.

There was a power outage due to the heavy rain while I was writing this. When the electricity came back, I hurriedly printed the papers I needed to pass. It was flooding, and I am on a mountainside. My shoes are wet but I had more important things to think about.

After I passed my papers I went to the library where my friends are studying for their exam in Botany. Aya was having a meltdown due to the seminar paperworks. I wonder if she’s calmed down now?

My friend, Denisse, and I went to a mall to buy an umbrella and eyebrow pencil. Then I went to her place to finish the summary of our seminar’s evaluation.

When I got home, a really strong earthquake passed and I want to say I was scared but I am not.

I wonder if I’m okay.